Entrepreneurs won’t wait for politicians to help them save the planet

By Rod Fountain, CEO, Unwasted

It is the job of industry and particularly entrepreneurs to ignore the hopeless politicians and push ahead with dramatic attempts to save the planet.  It is also the responsibility of global investors to stop investing billions in pointless so-called innovations such as Uber and WeWork and start investing in the huge number of sustainable businesses seeking to aid the decarbonisation of the planet.

I agree wholeheartedly with the plea made by Elon Musk to would-be entrepreneurs earlier this year:  “Instead of making a picture-sharing app, please refine lithium.”

Or to put it another way, stop mucking about and do something meaningful!

We know that India and China continue to increase their use of coal as they strive to industrialise, and we know that weak leaders such as our very own Rishi Sunak are rowing back on net-zero commitments, but these cannot weaken our resolve to invest in the right thing, and devote our working lives to doing the right thing – in fact the only thing!

Sir Alok Sharma, the MP and president of COP26 in Glasgow in 2021, told the BBC that everyone had to stay focused and committed to saving the “patient on life-support”, by which he meant the planet.  Many other intelligent politicians, commentators, and policy-makers piled in to agree, but all the hand-wringing is not producing the speed of change required.

Instead it is the likes of Unwasted and many other beautiful businesses out there that must do the heavy lifting and invent the low carbon future our children need.