About us

Unwasted Limited is a fast-growing waste fibre technology company focused on large scale green manufacturing with significant potential to advance decarbonisation of the global construction sector and its progress to net-zero. 

Founded in 2018 in the UK, the company has developed a patented process to transform waste packaging and textiles into high performance construction materials that can be recycled indefinitely in a true circular economy business model.

Its customers are major European manufacturers of furniture, doors, flooring, kitchens, and interior wall panels that are striving to meet new European legislation on waste reduction, end of life recycling of products they make, and carbon emissions.

The company operates from its pilot manufacturing and R&D facility in Deeside, north Wales, and is building a large scale plant in Skive, Denmark, to commercialise its first product Neverwaste™, a high specification waste fibre panel board. 

Unwasted CEO Rod Fountain and GreenLab CEO Christopher Sorensen sign the lease for the first Regenerator factory in Skive, Denmark

We are a new company with a long history. 

Unwasted is the result of a 20-year journey by entrepreneurs Rod and Mary Fountain, who started a furniture dealership from scratch in 2003 with £12,000 from their savings. They built a thriving business selling top end furniture from Europe’s leading manufacturers to mutli-nationals and public sector clients. But by 2007 some of their biggest customers started to demand greater sustainability in the products they were buying. After six months intensive research and soul-searching the couple concluded the products they were selling were not going to meet the standards required by the rapidly emerging circular economy and they decided to sell their business to focus on finding more sustainable suppliers. They did not expect the challenge to be quite so hard and costly. In total nearly £10m has been spent on R&D, product design, manufacture, sales and marketing to establish the conditions enabling Unwasted to emerge and prosper.

Our journey so far...

Investment of £600k by founders, family, and friends
Large scale trials at UK paper mill
Investment of £750k by UK investors including UK Government
Initial validation by major European manufacturing customers
Grant of first patent
Lease signed on Deeside pilot plant
Validation work starts with equipment manufacturers
Investment of £2.5m by Danish investors
Grant of second patent
Indicative term sheets issued by Danish public sector institutions
Deeside pilot plant starts sample production
LOIs signed with parties in Norway, Australia, and the US to develop Neverwaste plants
Lease signed on m2 75k site at GreenLab Skive
Life Cycle Analysis of Neverwaste material by Aalborg University
IP valued at minimum £27m by IP valuers Inngot
LOI signed with leading Scandinavian waste management company for supply of OCC
First customer test results indicate desire for exclusivity and advance purchase agreements
Investment of £1.5m by Elbow Beach Capital
First validated quotes received from equipment manufacturers
First purchase order received for m3 20k

Meet the team

Powered by our people

Rod Fountain


A former business journalist turned life-long entrepreneur who has built successful businesses in publishing, commercial furniture and waste upcycling and held senior management roles in professional football and disaster recovery.

Ed Manning


A Chartered Certified Accountant with deep experience in sectors including engineering, services, industrial, and retail working in board level financial roles with a strong commercial bias. He has worked in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East and on projects in the US and Australia.

Bertel Gantriis

Director (Denmark)

Entrepreneur with 45 years experience  in the European construction industry.  Leads the Danish investor group. Founder and partner of construction company BGB A/S and director of investment fund BG Invest A/S.

Rob Langley

Technical Director

A chemical engineering graduate from UCL with 40 years experience in the paper industry with multi-nationals including many years in stock preparation, system design, plant optimisation, fibre innovation, development and testing. 

David Chandler

Sales Director

A graduate of Leicester University with 27 years experience of sales at C-suite level in publishing, video-conferencing, furniture and waste upcycling.

Paul Evans

Plant Manager, Deeside

Mechanical engineer with extensive industrial management experience in demanding heavy industrial technologies.  Former head of mechanical engineering at Kronospan, UK.

Chris Sutton

Advisor, global distribution

Chairman, Timber Development UK, and former MD of James Latham Plc, a career spent working in the timber importation, distribution and manufacturing business in the UK and overseas.

Sabine Jaccaud

Advisor, global communications

Corporate affairs leader with more than 20 years’ experience across finance, defence, life-sciences, consumer products and media, with global listed organisations undergoing transformation. Former head of communications at AstraZeneca.

Christian Bunke

Advisor, Intellectual Property

Patent attorney, European trademark attorney and CEO of European innovation and IP strategy firm Basck, he is a specialist in IP commercialisation and has a degree in mechanical engineering.