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Regenerators, not factories

The Unwasted business model envisages a new clean industrial landscape based on renewable energy and whole community engagement where everyone is involved in creating a low carbon future. Employees are partners holding a stake in their local business, aided by supporters, members, agents, and sponsors all contributing to the successful regeneration of precious resources into high quality products with everlasting life.

Not just a factory but a learning centre, creche, vegetable garden, restaurant, innovation lab, artistic centre…. inspired and empowered by Unwasted but locally owned, managed and operated.

Whole communities, broadly distributed across regions but aligned to a common cause: helping to safeguard the planet for future generations.

The first regenerator at Skive, Denmark, will utilize 130,000 tonnes of waste packaging to create in excess of 100,000 cubic metres of construction panels every year and create 100 new skill jobs on the GreenLab Skive green energy business park in Jutland.

The modular plant design, powered entirely by renewable energy and waste heat, will be replicated around Europe and the world in the next ten years, helping alleviate climate change by saving tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere and hundreds of millions of trees from needless felling.

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