The Neverwaste panel

Neverwaste™ is a panel with similar qualities to medium density fibreboard (MDF) but made without the use of any glues, resins or toxic chemicals and without the need for any virgin fibre from newly harvested trees. The product is 100% circular, sustainable, and healthy and can be re-manufactured into new panels of the same quality at the end of life multiple times. 

It is made by refining and pulping waste cardboard packaging in a patented process utilising large scale paper and board making equipment from leading global engineering companies.

The product is designed to address opportunities and threats to the construction sector stemming directly and indirectly from the effects of climate change on how societies are  preparing to run and develop their economies.  It delivers a high-quality low-carbon alternative to legacy panel board using international best practice approaches to emissions measurement, reporting and verification to meet the highest standards in risk and opportunity evaluation against financial and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) product criteria. 

As ESG assumes an ever-important part of the product-sourcing and finance-raising process, Neverwaste™ offers the construction market a panel board product capable of providing the environmental integrity necessary to withstand public scrutiny in an economy in transition to a post-oil, net-zero world.

For companies that use it, Neverwaste™ delivers a verifiable reduction in Scope 3 emissions of over 60% compared to the legacy industry baseline, providing a hedge against likely future costs of climate regulation, for example the expansion of existing carbon pricing mechanisms such as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), or introduction of national carbon taxes.